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    Recognized as the new gold standard in laser therapy, the LIGHTLas 577 increases clinical efficiency and delivers unparalleled safety. The high-performance true yellow wavelength enables delivery of safer, faster, and more controlled treatments.

    Optimum Absorption by Oxyhemoglobin

    • Absolute Control: Provides low light scattering in intraocular transit for increased accuracy and superior transmission.
    • Reduced Power: Typically requires 50% less power to achieve the same therapeutic effects as conventional green laser photocoagulation.

    Negligible Absorption by Macular Xanthophylls

    • Closer Approach: Significantly increases the safety margins for macular treatment with immediate access to fovea when compared to traditional green 532 nm, argon green 514 nm, or pseudo yellow 561 nm / 586 nm lasers.
    • Minimized Thermal Damage: Decreased thermal spread to reduce functional damage and scar


    In addition to delivering clinically superior performance, LIGHTLas 577 can help optimize patient outcomes with the use of traditional continuous wave or our exclusive next-generation SP-Mode™ Microsecond Laser Technology.

    SP-ModeTM Microsecond Laser Technology
    The latest innovation in LIGHTMED laser therapy, SP-ModeTM offers a groundbreaking treatment approach to achieving optimal clinical outcomes. Ongoing studies show that physicians are now able to:

    • Eliminate laser-induced thermal tissue damage and treatment side effects
    • Deliver a broader range of treatment modalities
    • Treat disorders at a much earlier stage
    • Provide repeat treatment in retinal and glaucoma applications

    Compact and efficiently designed to maximize workspace and optimize workflow, the LIGHTLas 577 provides a dependable, easy-to-use platform to help meet and enhance your treatment goals.


    Designed for versatility in the operating room and clinic, LIGHTLas 577 offers a comprehensive selection of combinations to address retinal and glaucoma diseases as your practice grows. With an array of pattern configurations to best suit your clinical needs, its dual and tri combo laser integration and unique slit lamp option helps maximize control, improve safety, and enhance clinical outcomes.

    Dual and Tri Combo Laser Integration
    LIGHTLas 577 works with the LIGHTLas YAG-V and LIGHTLas SLT Deux-V to form a powerful and complete photocoagulator/photodisruptor/SLT workstation—all with vitreolysis.
    TruLase Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope (LIO) Compatibility

    Range of Slit Lamp Delivery Adapters
    Engineered with automatic recognition of delivery devices and treatment modes for simple selection and safer application, the LIGHTLas 577 includes an extensive range of slit lamp delivery adapters (SLAs) to fit most Haag-Streit and LIGHTMED slit lamps.

    Optional Accessories

    • Endoprobes (straight, curved, illuminating,aspirating)
    • TruSpot SLA for Haag Streit (analogues)
    • TruSpot SLA for LIGHTLas YAG/SLT/SLT Deux
    • LIGHTMED – CSO SL 950/SL 980 (integrated SLA)
    • Motorized & Fixed Safety Filter for microscopes
    • TruLase Keeler Integrated Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope (LIO)
    • Power Control, Wireless Foot Pedal