G-Medics GRK-2200T

With the high-quality of Hexagon prism & highly sensitive CCD technology, it provides unmatched accuracy and reliability. The innovative optical design incorporated into GRK-2200T allows obtaining more reliable and realistic data that is closer to subjective refraction results.

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    An innovative fogging function reduces the effects of myopia and patient accommodation, and the special target image is adjuctable continously for more reliable results.

    The auto refractometer GRK-2200T is showing the information such as setup function and measurment on the screen by bitmap and icons similar to google’s android, and it is much useful for operators who are familiar with smart phone and internet to make measurment than showing the information by next image.

    Samsung’s 32-bit microcontroller (CPU) with high performance & low currency enables to achieve rapid calculation, accurate measurment and automatic control.

    Wide 7 inch TFT Color LCD screen with touch controls enables the operator to measure in confortable position.

    The GRK-2200T incorporates a high speed and user-friendly printer, and the printer paper can be changed easily.


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