2WIN enables you to perform refractometry by using the most innovative, versatile and accurate technology.

The smartest way to detect refractive errors and vision problems.

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    The 2WIN is a mobile binocular video refractometer and vision analyzer that measures both eyes at the same time, in real life vision conditions. It embodies the best and the most complete technologies to fully detect refractive errors, eye abnormalities and vision problems. It measures in the range of -15D to +15D for automatic measurement of  ynamic pupils response to programmable light stimulations, and accurately center spectacle lenses. The 2WIN is capable of detecting Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, and other Amblyogenic factors. Additionally, it will provide evidence of sight anomalies that may be related to anisometrapia, anisocoria, strabismus, phorias.

    2WIN enables you to perform refractometry by using the most innovative, versatile and accurate technology.

    • Binocular refraction measurement in natural vision conditions in 1 meter working distance.
    • Dynamic pupil response to programmable light stimulations.
    • Correspondence between the optic center of the lens and the actual visual axis of the eye.
    • The 2WIN takes measures fast, in natural mydriasis and in a non-invasive way.
    • The 2WIN connects to the internet and allows you to share, record and print exams.
    • Long life batteries allow long intervals of use.

    Additional features

    Corneal Reflexes Application [CR-App]
    Thanks to the “Analysis of Corneal Reflexes”, the 2WIN can help your daily work by automating the analysis of refraction with a documented information of phorias and tropias (horizontal and vertical). This application provides complete information regarding the position of corneal reflexes. The CR-App compares the position of the corneal reflexes in three defferent mesurements (the first binoculat, the second and the third monocular under an infrared occluder.)

    Dynamic Pupillometry [DP-App]
    Automatic measurement of dynamic pupil response to programmable light stimulations enables the detection of subtle pupillary changes, removing subjectivity from the pupillary evaluation.

    Intermediate Vision Application [66cm-App]
    Thanks to the 2WIN application “Intermediate Vision”, it is possible to identify the difficulties in focusing at VDUs Distance and to estimate the power of the additional lens needed on top of the prescription. The 2WIN measures the patient’s refraction while reading from VDUs, at a distance of 66 cm (2’). In all those cases when reading at such distance proves difficult, the 2WIN calculates the necessary additional power (ADD) to restore the best vision.

    The application requires the use of an additional lens that is inserted in the central aperture of the 2WIN; the  additional add-on lens, together with a 66 cm reading chart compose the kit.


    Exta Applications

    CR-APP Corneal Reflexes Application
    DP-APP Dynamic Pupillometry Application
    LC-APP Lens Centering Application
    66cm-APP Intermediate Vision Application