Ray Vision AL-N9

Latest high tech technology Optometry Equipment AL-N9 DigitalAuto Lensmeter

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    Green LED lifht source, ABBE compensation no required
    Hartman testing method, CPU high-speed precise computing
    Automatic identifying the lens type, Automatic measurement, Automatic reading ans memorying the data
    5.7 inch high resolving power LED screen
    Broad contents, strong performances, simple and convienient operation
    Latest international designing concept of collecting technology, mode and individuality

    Sphere:0-+/-35D (0.01D/0.06D/0.12D/0.25D steps)
    Contact lens: 0-+/-25D, BC 6.00 to 9.00
    Cylinder: 0D-±10D (0.01D/0.06D/0.12D/0.25D steps)
    Axis: 0°-180°(1°step)
    ADD: 0D to 10D (0.01D/0.06D/0.12D/0.25D steps)
    PRISM:0-15Δ (0.01 Δ)
    PD measuring range: 80mm
    Lens diameter: Φ20MM-Φ100MM
    Diameter for contact lens: Φ14MM
    UV: >10% ; >20% at +/-10D and over
    Display: 5.7inches TFT LCD Monitor