SP-Mode Microsecond Laser Technology

The latest innovation in LIGHTMED laser therapy, SP-ModeTM offers a groundbreaking treatment approach to achieving optimal clinical outcomes.

Advances in laser technology are constantly evolving, offering physicians groundbreaking and novel treatment
approaches to achieving optimal clinical outcomes for patients. In the past, retina tissue would be sacrificed during
surgery. Yet now, physicians are able to treat the central macula and stimulate recovery and rejuvenation without
even leaving a footprint. Patients with chronic visual deficits, who are resistant to cutting-edge therapies, have
experienced their vision dramatically improve rapidly over weeks, even days. Diseases previously thought to be
inescapable may respond to this therapy without toxicity or even treatment discomfort.

Technological advances in laser using semiconductors have also enabled treatment customization with a diversity of
wavelengths, streamlined in a single multi-modality platform. The ability to treat at a threshold below detection gives
physicians optimism as never before.

LIGHTMED’s LIGHTLas 532, LIGHTLas 577, LIGHTLas 810, LIGHTLas TruScan and LIGHTLas TruScan Pro models
come standard with Conventional Continuous Wavelength (CW) and SP-Mode® Microsecond Laser Technology
treatment options.

What is SP-Mode® Microsecond Laser Technology?

SP-Mode® Microsecond Laser Technology is an advanced laser technology where the treatment occurs below the
level that causes visible thermal damage. It targets the underlying pathology of vision loss by stimulating the very
cells that can nurture the damaged tissue. Unlike traditional lasers, this effect is achieved with short microsecond
bursts of laser energy that cycle on and off so that each exposure to the tissue does not generate enough heat to
cause thermal damage.
Studies have shown that physicians are now able to:
• Eliminate laser-induced thermal tissue damage and treatment side effects
• Deliver a broader range of treatment modalities
• Treat disorders at a much earlier stage
• Provide repeat treatment in retinal and glaucoma applications

SP-Mode® stimulates the nurturing cells to support retinal healing, known as RPE or Retinal Pigment Epithelium,
without leaving any visible damage. During SP-Mode® treatment, the temperature elevation is confined in the RPE
and the neurosensory retina is spared; therefore, the laser leaves no visible mark and is safe for the retina. With
SP-Mode®, it may be possible to achieve the desired therapeutic effect and resolve various retinal disorders without
induction of pain and iatrogenic burns caused by visible photocoagulation.

SP-Mode® Microsecond Laser Technology avoids cell necrosis, apoptosis, formation of bubble with micro-explosions
and hyperthermia of the retina.

Information derived from various ongoing clinical studies indicate when used by qualified physicians following
recommended parameters, SP-Mode® treatments are very safe with no known adverse side-effects.