Ray Vision Phoenix

The high quality all-in-one slit-lamp beam splitter and camera module produce high definition image and all small subjects are shown clearly. Simple and easy-to-use software. Ophthalmic imaging system with Easy USB Transfer and Smart Auto Exposure.

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    The all-in-one slit lamp beam splitter and camera module

    • Simple and easy to use software
    • Shared data can be stored on a central PC and viewed by other users
    • Wireless capture button; can be connected to existing capture button on slitlamp using 2.5mm jack plug
    • Footswitch available
    • An external light source can be added

    High Resolution
    5 Megapixels resolution and 112.5 inch CMOS produce high definition image. With CMOS leaner array, all small subjects are shown clearly.

    Easy USB Transfer
    One power cable and data line will produce data transmission quickly and easily. Neither hardware nor computer configuring is required.

    Wireless Button
    2.4GHz wireless solution, no aiming, fast reaction, and stable performance.

    Smart Auto Exposure
    Professional solution makes the camera exposure more accurate and intelligent.

    Compact Size
    With its light and compact size (ll50mm x W82mm)( H60mm) it makes installation conveniently easy.

    User-Friendly Interface
    Simple design style and friendly interlace help operators handle it quickly and efficiently ..

    Widely compatible to different brand and model slit lamps.

    Centralized Management

    Professional patient information management platform is important to conduct centralized management for patients. This platform supports integrated function print.

    Practical Image Processing
    This unique feature can meet most of the operators’ demands.