MST Osher/Malyugin Ring Manipulator

The manipulator is designed to insert and remove the Malyugin Ring specifically. Please fill out the form below for more details and pricing information.

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    There are several instruments that a surgeon might consider using when inserting and removing the Malyugin Ring.  Only one however, was designed to work hand in hand with the Malyugin Ring specifically.

    With a design from Robert Osher MD. the Osher/ Malyugin Ring manipulator was created to fit the specific dimensions and tolerances of the ring.  The device fits inside the scrolls of the Malyugin Ring to allow for complete control when placing or removing them from the iris.

    Product Specifications

    Recommended incision size: 0.8mm or larger

    Compatible with: Malyugin Ring Classic

    Use: Re-usable

    Ref: MAL-0003