Metrovision MonPackONE

MonPackONE is a multifunction stimulator combining, in a compact system, all the tests needed for a complete, thorough evaluation of visual functions.

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    Only one stimulator with an innovative design is needed for ganzfeld flash ERG and VEP, pattern ERG and VEP, multifocal ERG and VEP as well as sensory EOG.

    It is a universal and compact stimulator allowing ganzfeld flash, pattern and multifocal ERG and VEP exams.
    It includes several highly innovative features:

    • The luminance controlled LED monitor that eliminates the luminance artifact produced by standard LCD monitors (patented).
    • The near infra red cameras for monitoring eye fixation and pupil size for 30 cm and 1 meter tests
    • The compressed recording of the camera video and its synchronous replay allowing the invalidation of individual responses

    Flash ERGs

    Evaluation of responses from the different layers of the retina and from the rod and cone systems. Realization of ISCEV protocols and of research protocols.

    Pattern ERGs

    Evaluation of responses from ganglion cells and from the macula.

    Multifocal ERGs

    Realization of a detailed and objective cartography of the electrical activity of the retina.
    Unique features:

    • High luminance stimulation,
    • Precise control of stimulation timing,
    • Large field refractive lenses,
    • Age corrected normative database,
    • Ring ratio analysis

    Sweep VEPs

    Rapid and objective estimation of visual acuity based on a rapid sweep of spatial frequencies. Applications: exam of preverbal, handicapped and malingering patients.

    Multifrequency VEPs

    Simultaneous recording of responses from 2 hemi-fields using stimulations with different temporal frequencies. Applications: evaluation of chiasmatic and post-chiasmatic syndromes.

    Sensory EOG

    Evaluation of responses from the pigment epithelium.

    Fixation control and video imaging

    All stimulators are equipped with a near-infrared camera for near vision tests (30 cm). On the MonPackONE stimulator a second camera is proposed as an option for distance tests (1 m). Another option allows the video recording of exams which may be used for a post-exam analysis of responses .