Metrovision MonCV3

MonCV3 is a multifunction system combining, in a unique compact apparatus, several tests needed for a complete, throughout evaluation of visual functions.

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    It is designed for the evaluation of the central visual field (60 degrees) and peripheral field along the horizontal meridian (160 degrees).
    In addition to the “classic’ visual field tests, it allows motion perimetry.
    Several other tests of visual functions are available as options: visual acuity (Landolt and ETDRS), contrast sensitivity, glare, pupillometry and more.

    Visual functions evaluation for all:

    • Anterior segment
    • Retina
    • Glaucoma
    • Neuro-ophthalmology
    • Pediatric-ophthalmology
    • Visual aptitudes

    It generates visual stimuli with precisely controlled luminance and contrast.
    Tests of peripheral vision are performed at a distance of 30 cm and cover 60 degrees of visual field (± 30 degrees) with stimuli up to 80 degrees of eccentricity for horizontal limits. Tests for central vision can be performed at various distances thanks to the removable head rest.

    It is equipped with a near infra red, high resolution image sensor. An advanced image analysis software provides real time measurements of pupil size and gaze orientation.

    Its proposes two sets of tests for white over white contrast perimetry:
    The STAT tests use conventional, regularly spaced grids of points. The FAST tests (Fiber Adapted Static Testing Perimetry) rely on distributions of test points corresponding to the most frequent alterations of the retina and optic nerve fibers. They provide more clinically useful information with less examination time.

    Analysis software

    The map of sensitivity gives highly informative details about local deficits thanks to the optimized arrangement of test points and advanced graphic software.

    Follow-up software
    The follow-up program provides an analysis of the progression of the visual field with a graph of the evolution of global indices.