LA LABS Lalon Viscoelastic

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LA LON is a medium viscosity Sodium Hyaluronate based ophthalmic viscoelastic solution, designed for routine cataract surgery.

It contains Sodium Hyaluronate derived from bacterial fermentation. LA LON has one of the highest elasticities among viscoelastics produced using this source.

The viscosity’s are especially important in three shear rate regions:

The zero shear rate viscosity is responsible for the maintenance of space in the anterior chamber. This viscosity keeps the material from escaping trough the incision during manipulation in the anterior chamber.
The manipulation shear rate viscosity, which makes intraocular manipulations and implantation possible without resistance from the viscoelastic, but still keeps tissues in place.
The viscosity during shear rates experienced while expressing the viscoelastic trough a cannula. The lower this viscosity is, the easier it is to express the material trough the cannula, and the thinner cannula can be used.
The viscosity of LA LON has been adjusted to provide the highest possible zero shear viscosity, while allowing unrestricted manipulation during surgery. It is supplied with a 27 gauge cannula, which demonstrates it’s high elastic properties.

Molecular Weight: 2,000,000 Daltons
Viscosity: 50,000 cps
pH: 7.2 ± .4
Osmolarity: 314 ± 10 mOsM

Composition by weight:
Sodium Hyaluronate: 2.0 %
Sodium Chloride: 0.59 %
Potassium Chloride: 0.075%
Calcium Chloride: 0.048%
Magnesium Chloride: 0.03 %
Sodium Acetate: 0.39 %
Sodium Citrate: 0.17 %