G-Medics GLC-3000A

GLC-3000 is a Digital 24’’ LCD chart which provides a huge range of visual test. The best option for professionals.

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      GLC-3000A, 24’’ LCD chart

  • High-performance Quad-Core CPU and optimized Android OS
  • Various optometry test
  • Largest VA charts for low-vision (For the patient with low-vision, it provides 0.03, 0.05, and 0.07 VA levels in all kinds of VA optotypes.)
  • Screen reverse function
  • High-resolution color vision chart (It provides 25 sheets of color vision charts converted from vector images. It can also help to detect a severity and false identification as well as normal identification of charts.)
  • Various auxiliary function and optimized user interface
  • Optimized unit step according to the test method
  • Video and image support
  • High-quality 2W built-in speaker
  • Convenient connection to digital refractor
  • Slim, wide, and stylish design
  • Stereoscopic test
  • Amsler grid
  • LED Light to gaze at the target