iCare Compass

iCare COMPASS is the first automated perimeter that can perform standard visual field tests using a real-time retinal tracker while delivering ultra-high resolution confocal TrueColor fundus images at the same time.

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    Advantages of Fundus automated perimetry over Standard Automated Perimetry include the possibility to measure sensitivity at specific retinal locations, higher accuracy thanks to retinal-tracking based compensation of eye movements and the simultaneous assessment of function (expressed by retinal sensitivity) and structure (images of the ONH and of the retina).
    Fundus automated perimetry provides a simultaneous, quantitative assessment of fixation characteristics.

    COMPASS overcomes such limitations and brings visual field analysis to the next level!
    In particular COMPASS, for the first time, extends field coverage to 30° + 30° and employs luminance parameters and a sensitivity scale as used in standard automated perimetry.

    The first fundus automated perimeter capable of performing standard 24-2 visual fieldtesting and delivering true color confocal images.

    Superior quality of color and red-free images

    Retinal Tracking

    Fixation Analysis In Glaucoma


    • High-resolution confocal imaging of the ONH and of the central retina
    • Combined structure and function analysis
    • Fully automated operation
    • Comprehensive and clear printout
    • Operator friendly
    • More patient comfort: test can be suspendedat any time without data loss