Optos California Ultra-widefield (UWF™)

Capture, review and plan your treatment with ultra-widefield images available in the following image modalities: Color, Red-free, Autofluorescence, Angiography – fluorescein and indocyanine green.

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    Is specifically designed for vitreo-retinal specialists and ophthalmologists.

    California includes a new UWF optomap® imaging modality; Indocyanine Green angiography (icg) while retaining:

    • Composite color
    • Red-free
    • Autofluorescence (af)
    • Fluorescein angiography (fa)


    • California was designed as a compact, table-top model to reduce space requirements. further the new design leads to ease of use and faster image capture.
    • Non-mydriatic high resolution imaging through many cataracts and/or 2mm pupils saves time in busy practices.
    • Comprehensive retinal analysis through multiple wavelengths and image modalities, all in UWf.
    • Composite color images can be viewed in their separate laser channels to show specific depths of the retina:
      – Green (532 nm) “red-free” visualizes the
      sensory retina to the RpE
      – Red (635 nm) shows deeper structures
      of the retina (RpE to choroid)
      – infrared (802 nm) provides images at
      the choroid level
      – Blue (488 nm) is used during fa procedures
    • Innovative review platform that simplifies workflow while enabling comparison overlay between image modalities and over time.
    • Browser based image review enables simple integration and easy access to your data from any connected pc or tablet in a hippa compliant environment.
    • interweaved angiography enables parallel capture of fa and icg images without manually switching between imaging modalities.
    • With UWf views of 200 degrees or up to 82% of the retina, eyecare professionals can see 50% more of the retina when compared to other conventional imaging devices1 .