Announcing the Launch of our New Website

Welcome to our new website!

We are pleased to present to you the new website of our company, at  www. midimedical. gr.

It has a friendly and innovative design as well as direct access from every device. Through our site, you will have the opportunity to be informed about our products and representations.

It is fully up to date with the latest developments regarding the equipment and products we have available. At the same time, it has been enriched with educational videos for the full support of the doctor & presentation of the use of machinery & consumable materials.

Also, following the current research data, it has a library of medical articles published in international scientific journals and conferences. In addition, we suggest that you monitor the posted online seminars (Webinars) in order to inform you about the new ophthalmological diagnostic-surgical data.

Finally, our site provides the possibility of immediate ordering of consumables on-line, quickly and easily as well as monitoring offers/special prices.

We are at your disposal and will appreciate any comments or suggestions for improvement.

Have a nice tour!